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(3) How expectations changed because of gender stereotypes in modern society


Similar to a real-life situation today. The black lives matter movement. The saying ACAB (All cops are bastards) is a misinformed statement. The saying goes: All cops are bastards because they wake up every day, put on a uniform and follow the laws of a corrupt and broken justice system. This statement does have truth but is also incorrect. Some cops put on the uniform with no regard for the system and do a lousy job just like the cops who murdered George Floyd with no probable cause and caused this massive controversy. Some cops put on the uniform and follow the justice system's rules because they have to, or because they want to. Most cops do not make a good salary, and they can't find a job in any other business, which means they put on the uniform and do their job because they must, because they need the money to survive.

In contrast, some people put on the uniform because they want to. They put it on to believe that they can change their ways and make a real change because they are part of this corrupt system. Make the world a better place.

There are genuinely good people in the world, good people that wake up every day and put a smile on other peoples faces. These are the right people amongst the worst.

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