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(4) How expectations changed because of gender stereotypes in modern society

Updated: Jan 21


The #Metoo movement is an excellent example of the stereotypes bestowed upon men; the campaign is all about supporting women who have been victims of sexual assault or sexual misconduct.

The movement has then sparked conflict and misunderstanding between the difference of a predator or genuine nice men. The #Metoo movement has raised suspicion and doubt as of the intentions of certain men.

Stereotypes that have changed the perspective and view that is shined upon men. Stereotypes that affect men's livelihood are how these stereotypes portray certain men and change their whole lifestyle.

Even though the movement's intentions are pure and for a good cause, they never check to view how it affects innocent bystanders.

After all, women had to suffer at the hands of men, and it is understandable their hatred or anger towards men although what they fail to see is to look deeper into men's hearts to see pure, good men trying to change the world one right action at a time.

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